Hospice House

The House

The Hospice House is designed to provide Guests, families, and friends with an atmosphere that can feel like home. The 10,000 square foot House holds ten 306 square foot Guest rooms with a private two-piece bathroom, electric bed with ceiling mounted lift, double bed futon, recliner chair, wall-mounted flat screen TV, isolated heating and cooling, and large window. The House's kitchen employs an open dining concept with a fireplace and television. The House also includes a children's playroom, meeting room, quiet room, den, and a bedroom for overnight visitors. The Hospice House layout is aimed to allow families to remain in the company of their loved ones at all hours, whether during care or at night.

The Hospice House is located at 3089 Clapperton Street in Prince George, BC.


The Grounds

The grounds of the Hospice House include a lovely garden and patio with bench seating areas and a gas barbeque.

Guests and families are welcome to enjoy the entirety of the grounds, which also house a toy cupboard, dollhouse, toy box, and outdoor jungle gym and swing set.


The Stay

The difference in care at the Prince George Hospice House is displayed by our dedication to complete comfort for our Guests:

  • There are no restrictions on the number or age of visitors
  • Visiting hours are unlimited
  • Family pets are allowed to visit and may stay 24 hours a day
  • The Guest's family physician continues to provide care throughout their stay
  • Complimentary therapies including healing touch, massage, reflexology, and chiropractic are offered
  • Guests are encouraged to bring personal belongings

Although there is a small user fee, Guests are only expected to pay what they can afford, and no one is ever turned away due to financial reasons. Donations are gratefully accepted from friends and visitors for coffee, tea, meals, etc.

Our admission Guests are asked to bring in all medications from home. The Palliative Care Benefits Program and the Pharmacare Plan, with some exceptions, cover medications. These exceptions may include over the counter medication, some prescriptions, and dispensing fees, which are paid for by Hospice then billed to the guest. Medications are administered by registered nurses and are ordered through a contracted pharmacy. Guests are requested to bring in their oxygen concentrator from home if they are using one.

Please call the Hospice House at (250) 563‑2481 for more information.


Overview Video

Please watch this 3-minute video for a brief overview of the Hospice House facilities, features and experience!