Caring for the Rotary Hospice House

The Prince George Hospice Society has been in service to the people of Prince George for over 30 years. Our greatest achievement has been the building of the Rotary Hospice House, the first stand-alone hospice in British Columbia. Ten years ago, we renovated and expanded the home to accommodate ten guests as we recognized our community's need for palliative care grew.

That decision has served so many in our community and region. In the last decade, we have cared for 335 guests and their friends and family in each of our ten rooms. Our guests receive the care needed to help them through their journey in these rooms and throughout Hospice House. Our dedicated and experienced team has supported with comfort and compassion more than 3,000 guests over this time.

Our community is proud of the Rotary Hospice House. Yet over time, these well-used spaces and equipment have experienced regular wear and tear. We want to ensure our guests over the next ten years have access to the quality of experience established and invite you to make this possible.



We are asking the community to contribute to the renewal of the Rotary Hospice House. Your generosity will ensure the guest rooms reflect the appropriate furnishings, equipment, and esthetic that will continue to accommodate a high quality of care in a home-like setting. Specialized lifts and beds, in need of replacement, will maintain the highest level of care for our guests. Comfortable spaces for family caregivers will allow them to stay and remain at the bedside.

Continuing with the legacy of naming guest rooms, we will honour significant contributions of $25,000 or more. There are additional spaces that we will accept donations for through naming. Our goal is to raise sufficient funds that will support facility needs today and into the next decade. I invite you to come, tour our facility, and allow me to share the extraordinary care we provide to our community.

Thank you for considering how you can make it possible to complete this important project and keep Prince George proud of the care it offers at the Rotary Hospice House.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact DONNA FLOOD at (250) 563‑2551 or via e-mail.