This Holiday Season…

Give a Gift to Hospice!

Our 'Give a Gift' campaign runs from November 1st to December 24th, 2019

The Kitchen at the Rotary Hospice House is a very important place. It is the "Heart of Hospice" – a place of gathering, comfort, and where families come together for love and support. Here loved ones can share stories, reminisce, and enjoy home cooked meals. It is a place for everyone to be a part of the Hospice family.

The cost of feeding the guests and families at Hospice House is over $25,000 a year – which is why we have started this "Give a Gift to Hospice" campaign.

Hospice is launching this fundraising campaign with the goal of raising money to purchase groceries for a full year. The cost of groceries for the Rotary Hospice House is $70 for a day, and $490 for a week.

We are asking for your support this holiday season, any amount (large or small), so that we can continue bringing friends, families and loved ones together in the comforting embrace of the Hospice kitchen. Thank you for your support!