ED's Monthly Visit to CFIS Radio

Posted: September 20, 2018

Part of the enhanced communications at Prince George Hospice includes Executive Director Donna Flood appearing every 3rd Thursday of the month on the Kathie Travers Show on CFIS, Prince George's Community Radio Station (93.1FM).

On this morning's program Kathie recalled spending a night at the bedside of a friend who spent time at PG Hospice some years ago and how accommodating and supportive the team at PG Hospice was. Donna appreciated Kathie sharing the story and said that is heartening to her to hear such stories because that's what PG Hospice wants to be known for. Donna believes PG Hospice's job is to ease the burden of 'end of life'. It allowed her to extol the benefits of planning for 'end of life' and that anyone wanting information can contact PG Hospice.

Donna then talked about the Bucket List Gala taking place on September 22nd and how important all of PG Hospice's fundraising events are. PG Hospice needs to raise $1.3 million annually in the community to help maintain the programs and services that are currently available. Donna then showed Kathie a few 'choice' items available for purchase from the PG Hospice Resale Store in College Heights including a Michael Jackson LP (see photo) and two albums filled with classic movie-star photos including one signed by famous actress, Grace Kelly.

Tune in to 93.1FM to hear Donna and Kathie talk more about Hospice at 9:00am on Oct. 18, Nov. 15 and Dec. 20.