A Hospice Story

The Story of Baba's Borscht

Submitted by: Donna Flood - August 10, 2017

In the late 1800s a family immigrated to Canada from Russia, with them they brought their recipe for traditional Russian Borscht. As with most favorite family recipes it was not written down, it was passed down generation to generation by watching, listening and tasting. This is how family stories and memories are made, sharing together in the family kitchen.

When Baba came to Hospice House for end of life care, the family shared their fear that the family Borscht recipe would be lost. They had always felt there was time… time to learn and keep their recipe going.

Hospice care is centered on our guests and their families and ensuring that people are unburdened and able to complete the loose threads in their lives. We have held weddings, birthday parties (90th), recitals, large family dinners, and even archery competitions.

Borscht? NO PROBLEM!

The kitchen at Hospice got busy with Baba, and her family, making the borscht. The kitchen is the heart of Rotary Hospice House and it was filled with laughter and the smells of beetroot and spices. Baba sat and gave a legacy to her grandchildren.

Three generations huddled together; Baba directing, and Aunt Ginny gently guiding Adrian and Ryan in the prepping and preparing of this age old recipe. After meticulous chopping, spicing and stirring, the borscht was given the nod of approval by Baba. Baba said, "a recipe is not just ingredients on a piece of paper." Once the soup was ready, in keeping with Baba's tradition of sharing, the entire house enjoyed this loving meal.

Rumour has it that the White Goose Bistro may one day feature this soup on their menu as Chef Ryan was given the seal of approval from Baba.

Hospice care is not a medical model of care, but a service that wraps around our guests, their family and friends. We listen to the hopes and fears of our guests and work towards their own personal goals. So don't wait fulfill your bucket list now.