A Hospice Story

Dad Loved You All

Submitted by: The Makowichuk Family - February 10, 2017

Dearest Staff and Support Team,

I'd like to take a moment to thank you all with genuine thanks and appreciation. While this does not by any means include all those souls with whom my father and his family have shared a bond within this time, we have the privilege of sharing Dad's love with you all. Specifically and in the order that you appear on your staff photo board.

Maureen: Superheroes do not carry weapons. They carry clipboards.

Kitty: If people want to have your youthful energy at 50, they can do it. The only problem is that they have to be 20 at the time they try.

Dawn: You can be like me, and need to perpetually seek pencils, or like you and just never make mistakes. I don’t know which is easier.

Cathy: Some people think practicality and experience are not divine expressions of love and compassion. I do not.

Melissa: You don't even need to sing to have a beautiful voice. You just need to offer a hushed sentiment from the other side of the kitchen.

Donna: Fundraising is hard because every interaction bears the responsibility of opportunity. Your gift for it is embodied in your ease, grace, and timing.

Denise: Is holding space active, passive, or crystalline? Maybe ask the bubbles inside chewing gum, champagne and lava rock for their perspectives, and whether we might be onto something with this breathing thing. :)

Tanya: If Denise comes to you with esoteric questions for no apparent reason, it's because of your bubbliness. Just go with it.

Catherine: Your smile is so contagious that not even masks can stop the spread. You're patient.

Sarah: I don't know why, but lately I have this subliminal urge to buy Pantene Pro-V.

Cynthia: Common sense is a rare commodity, and rarer still is the wisdom to acknowledge but not dwell on the non-sensical. Humour is alchemy.

Corri: If you make the slow cooker cheesecake before you make the slow cooker lamb shanks, you are unfit for custody of your recipe book. I'll seize it myself.

Rianne: On November 1st 2016 when Dad came in, you were my first contact. Your poise and sympathy were so genuine that I thought it unsustainable forever. I was wrong.

Chris: Thank you for both consoling and informing my mother after Dad had an earlier seizure in her brief absence. Your attention may have bought us an hour or a month of comfort. It matters. Thank you

Megan: I've adopted you as a sister. Please don't make a fuss about not having any say in this, otherwise I'll have to adopt you as a daughter and that's awkward for everybody.

Susan: Dad never picked favourites. So any impression you may have, no matter how justified, that you're his favourite can't be the case. Nope. No way. Maybe.

Elaine: You're a strong, smart, self-sufficient woman who is perfectly capable of making your own coffee. If I make you coffee without your consent anyway, do I pass or fail the expectations of your classmates?

Candis: How does the most sincere, empathetic verbal communicator I've ever met exemplify her versatility? By being the stealthiest, sneakiest night ninja on staff, of course.

Irene: The only thing more adorable than one of Dad's coveted smiles was watching you try to solicit one.

Keli: You had a sixth sense for just the right time we needed help, always coming by just a few seconds before I needed to ask. How do you DO that?

Mara: I think you missed your calling as a photographer or professional tree decorator. Luck for the people here, you do both here for free! Thank you.

Jackie: I don't know whether we enjoyed your food, your company, or your humming the most. Frank gets the deciding vote. While he abstains, we're relegated to limiting our consensus to appreciating your inspirational bravery.

Wayne: Working with all THESE ladies? Nice movesĀ ;)

To ALL of the staff, volunteers, guests, and doctors… Thank YOU! This place is a house in the fog, with love and compassion behind every door. It is so saturated with the best of humanity that it seeps into the wood and fabric, and pours out the windows. You're lighthouse keepers and family.

Love, the Makowichuk Family