A Hospice Story

A Daughter's Words of Love

Submitted by: Denise Torgerson - September 8, 2017


"This is so hard and at the same time such an honour. In my soul I know it's true, but I am having such a hard time with his death."


I asked her if I could quote her and she laughed. It was a wonderful conversation about holding space for all of what the experience of dying means.

The grief – anger, sadness, frustration, aloneness, and at the same time being present to the sacredness of the act of dying. Being aware of the love, the memories, and the incredible process of a soul getting ready to leave its body.

"In my soul I know it's true."

I sit here and try to find more words to add to the blog, and slowly I realize that there are no more words.

She captured the essence of her experience in one sentence.

I am humbled.