A Hospice Story

Friendships Formed

Submitted by: Denise Torgerson - June 12, 2017

I love it when family members connect with other families. You see it happen in the kitchen and in the living rooms. Often people find the support they need by talking to people from different rooms. They dine together, they chat and they do puzzles together. Often there are middle of the night conversations in the dining room. People coming together through a common set of circumstances that can't be understood unless you have gone through the experience yourself.

Sometimes two people bond and the friendship is strong and deep. They are present to each other in this time of sadness. While I understand that being with a family member as they are dying is a profound and difficult situation. On occasion, I witness acts of caring and love that I celebrate.

We have an artist in Hospice right now. As she sits with her mother, she draws, and yesterday she started painting.

Later that day, as I was walking the hall, I looked into another room and this painting was in the window, with the sun light shining through the dove. It stopped me in my tracks. It was beautiful. Carolyn had completed the painting and had given it to Carol.

Carol was having a sad day. Carolyn gave her the painting hoping that it would lift her spirits. It worked! As I spoke to her I could see that some of the strain had left her face, She was smiling and she was strong again.

I love that they are here for each other. I love that they support each other. The painting was given quietly, without fan fare. An act of caring that shifted Carol and reminded her of her own strength and love.

Today the women are sitting at the puzzle table. They are talking quietly, being there for one another as they take a break from their vigils.

They graciously allowed me to share their story.

At Hospice we see connection on so many levels everyday. Strangers coming together to care for one another and forming a friendship is a connection that is an honour to witness.

Thank you Carol and Carolyn.