A Hospice Story

My 'Broken Circle' Group

Submitted by: 'Rockin' Robyn - May 31, 2019

As I walked in the white door, uncertain, fearful but anticipating help and support moving forward with my grief. I was met with warm smiling faces and the energy was filled with spirits. The love that filled the room was very comforting. Seeing, feeling each person in their individual grief and pain. All of us on different paths grieving difficult but uniquely different losses.

We were all strangers but somehow that didn't matter. Some how we found a common thread in our tapestry of life. We bonded, shared our vulnerabilities and listened to each others stories. It was a powerful 10 weeks of learning and growing forward in our grief. I am grateful for all the energies. Grateful we were able to flow in love with a vision of somehow making sense of and living with our individual losses.

Each one of you have opened a piece of my heart, each one of you made me feel safe at a very vulnerable time of my life. To each of you I pray for brighter days, new rewarding experiences and most of all that your tapestry gets patched with all the different coloured thread that will make the new fabric resilient, bright and full of possibilities. Until the next tear or rip appears then with the tools we've learned and all of the fragments that we will use to piece it back together. We will simply just have a knowing that better days will come.

Thank you all for being part of my journey in this chapter of my life. My you all live in happiness and be mindful of each and every moment. Life is a gift that we know our loved ones would like us to fulfill.

In love and laughter,

'Rockin' Robyn


Broken Circle is a 10-week support group for adults (19 and over) who are grieving the death of a loved one. The focus is on expressing that your feelings are normal, providing tools to go through the grieving process, and sharing with others who are experiencing a similar journey.