A Hospice Story

Hospice Is Not Just A House

Submitted by: Rebekah Henderson - June 8, 2018

When I think about Hospice, I think of it than more than just a house.

It is a chance to give respite, quality care, time to talk, sit in silence, cry, laugh and also provide more than just what one may need at end of life.

When you walk through the doors of Hospice House, you gather a sense of peace and calm. There are sometimes no words to describe the feeling, but that is where you hold it – embrace it and let it fill you with a sense of what it means to be there.

As you walk through you can be greeted by a guest who is having a cup of coffee in the kitchen, strike a conversation and find out that they are there for symptom management. Another may be for pain management, transitional care and even just time away from loved ones till they can once again return home and be with their support network.

From this, I have developed a whole new meaning to the word Hospice. Yes, it is not just a house – but so much more.