A Hospice Story

An Executive Director's Reflection on Care

Submitted by: Donna Flood - April 28, 2017

I would like to take this time to reflect on my experience at hospice this week. Every day I witness you all providing our guests with care that is compassionate and centered on each of their unique needs.

With all things, occasionally an experience stands out and requires comment.

I want to tell you how proud I am to be associated with all of you when I reflect on the care we gave MARY (not her real name).

I know that there were some challenges with ensuring we could provide care safely for her, and you all came together in the development of a care plan that would mitigate any risk to her. Thank you Maureen for your diligence in creating a comprehensive plan. Thank you to everyone that saw that we could provide care a little differently, as MARY required things a little different and put us outside our comfort zone with the high flow.

Our guests come to us on their own distinct journey and each one requires something different from us. With MARY she knew what she wanted, and challenged us all to provide her care as she directed. I know that at 43 I would not relinquish my independence, especially when it came to my personal care. Thank you for caring for MARY on her terms. That truly is what hospice care is all about.

To have control over one's life is important to all of us, to have control over ones death is a gift we give our guests and their families. MARY died naturally, on her terms, with full participation in how that end would be.

Sometimes someone or something comes along that reminds us of how important our work is. I thank MARY for making us all feel emotionally connected and proud of what we do.

You are all amazing, and you continue to show me how Hospice care, is care that comes from the heart and generously centers truly around the person and their families.

~ Donna

"Sometimes I inspire my patients; more often they inspire me."